Tribute to Martin Luther King Jr.

"While we don't have to live anyone else's dream, we do have a responsibility to live our own. Each of us has a dream inside of us. Some of us more than one. A difference can be made in the live of others when we step out and fulfill our specific, and I believe our God-given dreams. Beauty comes as a result when we follow our hearts. Others are blessed, challenged, and empowered when we take hold of our lives and make decisions towards living our passions, towards following our deepest desires.

There are people around  us who are waiting for us to come alive, people who need for us to live our dreams so that their lives will be better. It was Martin Luther King Jr. who once said, "I have a dream," and look what happened when he followed his heart. It's time for us to do the same.

So now, because other lives depend on it, including our own, may the True Revolutionaries please step forward and march toward your destinies."

©Jennifer A. Miskov, excerpt taken from Silver to Gold: A Journey of Young Revolutionaries

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